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Company -- Pay With One News

Social Networking in Regulated Sectors

2010 - SociaTec Delivering social media compliance and control for regulated sectors.
Integrating compliant social media in real time to mobility devices. Enabling social networking optimization.

Smartphone Payment Systems

2010 - PAY1 Combining Smartphone mobility devices, Social Media and NFC to deliver new age frictionless payment systems to add value to the customer experience.
Preserving the brand indentity of credit card issuers.

Hospital Savings

Sept. 9 2009 - RFCommerce Saving Hospitals Billions through proven controls, inventory management and asset management.
Integrating social networking media to improve the patient experience.
RF Commerce proven methodology is solid enough to earn the reputation... "No obligation assessment and Pay on Results Guarantee."

The Cloud

May 2008 - RFCommerce 700 MHz will dramatically reduce the infrastructure cost of the cloud.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

May 2008 - RFCommerce RF Commerce provides the infrastructure to Intelligent Transportation Solutions Providers with securing fuel on commercial vehicles.

RFID and Food Chain

April 2008 - RFCommerce RF Commerce takes the lead in food track and trace. Over 500,000 US residents are hospitalized each year by tainted food product. The impact to quality of life is 36 deaths daily, and a financial impact to Americans of over $100 Billion in Healthcare costs and lost wages.

Sensors and Automation

April 2008 - RFCommerce and Siemens RF Commerce and Siemens champion RFID stake in Sensors and Automation.


April 2008 - RFCommerce and Serialization RFID - A vehicle for serialization

Chemeketa College

April 2008 - RFCommerce Introducing RFID

Chemeketa College

April 2008 - RFCommerce Introducing RFID

Interphex 2006

March 2006 - RFCommerce Securing the prescription drug chain

Interphex 2006

March 2006 - RFCommerce Securing the prescription drug chain

FDA Unique Device Identification

March 2006 - RFCommerce Medical errors - Unique Device Identification

Asset Tracking and Location Beyond the Shop Floor

2005 - RFCommerce Asset tracking

Growth of RFID

2005 - RFCommerce The future of RFID

RFID in Transportation

2005 - RFCommerce RFID protector


2005 - RFCommerce Siemens and RF Commerce introduce the new generation of UHF RFID Readers

Food traceability

2005 - RFCommerce Tracking livestock to protect the supply chain

Patient Identification

2004 - RFCommerce Eliminating medical errors

Homeland Security

March 1, 2003 - iCommerce joins industry and government in addressing Homeland Security. With simulation, robotics and web security applications.


Nov. 1, 2000 - iCommerce Corporation (iCommerce) brings on-line bill presentment and bill payment to Internet consumers at a single site and entirely FREE.

BillCenters.com mission is a product of a year long analysis of bill presentment and bill payment sites that charge consumers from $8-12 per month for a perceived value.

BillCenters.com brings major financial institutions, communications companies and utilties to a single point where the consumer can quickly access their vendor accounts; pay bills, check bank balances, review account status without relinquishing control of the consumers' privacy and security.

BillCenters.com business model is through the strategic offering of value at each segment. Credit card billers offer linked low interest balance transfer options, utilties can offer new services in a de-regulated environment, banks offer services beyond basic checking, and so forth...

BillCenters.com also targets employer Intranets and Virtual Private Networks where the employer recognizes that employees do have a need and desire to access their personal finances from work, but the employer desires to control and manage the employees' Internet activity.


July 1, 2000 - iCommerce Corporation (iCommerce) builds an advanced realtor prototype web site, incorporating map navigations, property specific data and links to leading national real estate communities.


March 1, 2000 - iCommerce Corporation (iCommerce) launches an investor/start-up meeting house on the web. EQY.com provides emerging DOT COM's the opportunity to present their business plans, executive bios, financial and e-brochures to prospective investors.

Investors are provided the opportunity to determine if a specific emerging DOT COM is a first to market or unique.


Dec. 1, 1999 - iCommerce Corporation (iCommerce) introduces the first customized portal designed to provide employees of any company access to a standardized platform of benefit services.

dBenefits.com vision is to provide a customized Internet subportal that will serve as a secure conduit for millions of Americans and thousands of employers.  dBenefits.com uses Internet technology to facilitate the exchange of benefits-related information between employers and their employees.

Through dBenefits.com employers and employees participate in secured access from work or home.

Utilizing iCommerce Corporation's developed standards, benefits and value-added content is presented to employees in a clear and easily understood format, eliminating the need for employee adoption curve and employer investments.

Insurers and benefits providers participate in low cost, secured, access to employees with little or no customization.


Oct. 1, 1999 - iCommerce Corporation (iCommerce) introduces the first sub-portal designed to provide employees of any company access to a standardized platform of benefit services. Designed to be fully HIPAA compliant, MyHealthBenefits.com base platform is available to any employer free of charge and can be implemented in less than a day. The base platform includes the tools for plan administration, new hire enrollment, claims submissions, claims inquiry, and reporting. Employees can access MyHealthBenefits.com from the employer's Intranet or through a secured browser based access from home or remote.

The benefit to employers in adoption of MyHealthBenefits.com is the availability of a 'self-service' environment for employees to communicate and manage their respective health and financial benefits. Employers no longer need to manage paper forms, booklets and publishing. A typical employer directs their respective benefit plans to link content and customer care to MyHealthBenefits.com for immediate distribution.

Development was funded internally with strategic partnership to fund market penetration in 2000. MyHealthBenefits.com is currently at a paid beta.


August 1, 1999 - iCommerce Corporation (iCommerce) developed a comprehensive community site for healthcare participants researching and reporting on HIPAA requirements. In addition to regulatory and legislative progress reports, HIPAAnet.com provides technical reference content in a universal format.

HIPAAnet.com is engineered to be the premier reference and resource site on the Internet to leverage the successful iCommerce launch of www.y2ksite.com in 1998. y2ksite.com, the recognized leader in medical device Y2K status reporting achieved global provider and hospital penetration in access of 90% with a peak hit rate of over 10,000 per day. HIPAAnet.com is a new branding initiative driven by its own positioning and extension of the Y2K brand.


July 1, 1999 - iCommerce Corporation (iCommerce) sub-portal development for a leading managed care company.

CignaNet.com is content rich site containing customized prototypes and self-running demonstration of healthcare web offerings to such clients as AOL, Cisco Systems, Fujitsu, Federal Express, Fleet Bank, Bank Boston and many more....

The prototypes include many of the features planned for market introduction by the year 2003 as well as self running demos used as a selling tool to major employers.


June 1, 1999 - iCommerce Corporation (iCommerce) developed a value resource center for subscribers to iCommerce document management tools.

iFetchIt.com is the leading resource library of web and Internet search and document management tools. Created to assist clients in developing the appropriate architecture for enterprise document management and eBusiness.

RFID Commerce

May 1, 1999 - iCommerce Corporation (iCommerce) presentation of RFID transformation from Architecture to XML. Developed in response to client needs for a centralized deposit of specifications and resource material.

With over 3,000 reference documents, research and retrieval is accomplished through universal text search tools.


April 1, 1999 - iCommerce Corporation (iCommerce) developed an automated mail delivery system to address a gap in the present email environment.

In response to client concerns over rapid changes to ISP's and email providers, iCommerce developed an 'email for life.' Subscribers are issued an email address of their first name, dot, lastname at MyonlyEmail.com (jane.doe@myonlyemail.com). Through the use of a simple 30 second form, subscribers can have unlimited mail addressed to their respective MyOnlyEmail account forwarded to any valid email address in the world. Changes in ISP's or employers do not affect the permanency of the MyOnlyEmail.com.


Feb. 1, 1999 - iCommerce Corporation (iCommerce) introduces the first email employment classified advertisement tool for Human Resource functions. www.iMailTo.com was developed to provide employers the ability to incorporate "confidential" and "organizational" email addresses in any publication of the employer's choosing. After 18 months of market analysis, it was determined that 20 million employment ads each year are published in the USA.To provide employers the tools to streamline recruiting and hiring expense www.iMailTo.com allows employers to reduce their hiring costs by more than 50%, and more than triple the efficiency of candidate responses, by combining the speed of the Internet and the efficiency of Digital Media Management. Employers can now select a specific email box for each position. At the employers discretion, the emailed resumes can be forwarded directly to the employer, consolidated on a secured web site, or archived for future reference and elimination of future ads. In addition, www.iMailTo.com offers employers customized job applications "on-line", pre-interview screening questionnaires, electronic expense reimbursement processing, and "on-line" employment verification. www.iMailTo.com is in Market testing in the Northeast with a National roll-out scheduled for the first quarter of 1999.


June 19, 1998 - iCommerce Corporation (iCommerce) introduces the first community site designed to provide a comprehensive Y2K resource for the health industry. www.y2ksite.com was developed to provide focused Internet traffic to a site combining the interests of the health care community and Y2K compliance requirements. Health care participants in the Y2K database have the opportunity to query any of the 7,000 entries in the database by vendor, product or contact and review the latest status in the evaluation and corrective action requirments to meet Y2K compliance. In addition, most vendors have links in the database to their respective web sites and email. No longer does the health care provider need to access more than one source. Vendors of health care related software and product have the ability to perpetually update the status of their product or service compliance by filling out a 90-second form at the same web site. By utilizing this site, it is estimated that the health care industry will be better positioned to meet the Y2K objectives by the year 2000 and save many millions in the process. In beta, are two associated sites www.medicalvillage.net which is the most comprehensive search database of hospitals and medical centers; as well as www.hhmo.com which is the Home Health Care site. For additional details on building Internet community sites please submit the following form Tell-me-more


June 1, 1998 - iCommerce Corporation (iCommerce) introduces the "purest" KIDS-SAFE Internet site for students, teachers and parents. Developed around the principles that our nation's educators are the true guardians of the content available to our students, www.LearnAnyTime.com has been created to provide students, educators and parents a central point from which to visit every educational institution in the USA and every Library. Teachers and educators can visit the web sites of peer schools to find the "best of breed" and improve their own skills. Parents can use the site to help their kids research and improve student performance. Students searching for Colleges can access every University web site to help determine where they should attend college. And, libraries from around the world are all available at a single site. www.LearnAnyTime.com is a community site free of advertising and publicity utilizing RFID technology for library asset management and patron authentication.


March 15, 1997 - iCommerce created the first RF and RFID commerce exchange site for the supply chain industry.www.GENlogistics.com was the first and exciting technology, incorporating leading edge and patent pending technologies from IBM and SAP.


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