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Products -- Counterfeit Drug

  • Adept Technology Inc.

    Adept pioneered vision-guided robots 20 years ago and remains the leading supplier today. The Adept Vision sAVI vision guidance package includes best-in-class object recognition, vision and motion instructions integrated in a single software, and robot-to-camera calibration for any camera mounting. This enables Adept robots to perform vision-guided conveyor tracking, electronic assembly and part feeding applications.

  • Advanced Illumination

    Manufacturer of LED lights and electronic controls for the machine vision industry. Builds the most flexible product link in the industry offering 40,000 different variations in 2 weeks.

  • Banner Engineering Corporation

    Banner’s PresencePLUS Pro is a powerful, easy-to-use, affordable vision sensor. From $2295 the PresencePLUS Pro has all the vision tools to solve your application, including full-grayscale pattern matching. Communicate to robotic controls with the Pro’s built-in Ethernet or 2 RS232 serial ports.

  • Braintech Inc.

    Braintech designs and develops 2D & 3D vision guided robotic solutions for the manufacturing industry. Our Single Camera 3D (SC3DTM) software is the most advanced vision guidance technology in use today, giving robots the accuracy and agility to automate complex tasks. SC3D offers maximum flexibility, automatic calibration, simplified training and ease of use.

  • CCS America, Inc.

    CCS America supplies LED Illumination technology for vision systems as well as consultation services to specify ideal product (standard or custom) for customer's needs. Products include: ring lights, coaxial, darkfield, backlight, linear, diffused, dome and strobe lights as well as various programmable power suppliers. Highlighted products will include the innovative HLV Spotlight system which is ideal for many robotic applications.

  • Cognex Corporation

    Cognex offers a full array of In-Sight ® vision sensors, which are low-cost, high–performance inspection devices for a number of general purpose vision tasks. In-Sight sensors are the new standard for factory floor machine vision, and allow you to solve your vision applications more efficiently, reliably, and affordably than ever.

  • Cohu Electronics

    Cohu is a U.S. manufacturer of high performance video cameras for machine vision, process control, and medical imaging. CCD and CMOS sensors, arrays to 2K x 2K, outputs in analog and digital, international standards. Custom designs welcome. True OEM partnerships with stringent configuration and conformity control. Established in 1950, Cohu is ISO-9001 certified.

  • DVT Corporation

    DVT’s SmartImage Sensors are low cost, self-contained systems used to perform high-speed visual inspection on parts in virtually any industry. Featuring Ethernet TCP/IP communications, SmartImage Sensors also guide robots, read bar codes, Data Matrix and perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

  • EPSON Robots

    EPSON Robots Vision Guide is a seamlessly integrated software package that allows robot users to include vision guidance and inspection in their robot applications. The “point and click” teaching environment simplifies vision programming which greatly reduces the amount of time required to get the equipment into production.

  • EQS Systems LLC

    Sony analog and digital cameras for OEMs and system integrators.

  • FANUC Robotics America, Inc.

    FANUC Robotics America, Inc. offers global strength, industry leadership and process expertise to solve virtually every manufacturing challenge. As the robotics industry leader, we design, engineer and manufacture innovative robots and robotic systems that help our customers improve their competitive position. We also produce software, controls and vision products that aid in the development of state-of-the-art robotic systems.


    Off-the-shelf machine vision solutions for 3D & 2D robot guidance, bead inspection, surface vision inspection, and glass inspection.

  • MechVisual Inc.

    Advanced Robotic Vision Guidance software for material handling. Provides 3D non-calibrated vision using off-the-shelf components. Complete fixed price turn key solutions. Uses overhead cameras for provide large field of view for operations. New system setup time of less than 5 minutes. Plant can maintain system without use of vision engineers or complicated training. Suitable for large materials such as stamping de-racking and moving parts from bins.

  • Motoman, Inc.

    Motoman robots and complete robotic solutions are hard at work in virtually every industry and application. Products include over 30 robot models, with payloads from 3-500 kg., and 15 families of fully integrated, standardized ‘‘World’‘ solutions. Motoman will also design a custom system to meet your automation needs. Integrated vision capability is available for part finding, robot guidance, identification, and inspection.

  • National Instruments

    The new National Instruments CVS-1454 Compact Vision System extends the power of Lab VIEW Real-Time to a new rugged machine vision package that withstands the harsh environments common in robotics, automated test, and industrial inspection systems. The NI CVS-1454 offers unprecedented I/O capabilities and network connectivity for distributed machine vision applications. It uses FireWire (IEEE 1394) technology, compatible with more than 40 cameras with a wide range of functionality, performance, and price. In addition, you can connect up to three cameras to one CVS01454 to significantly lower the price of your deployed system. You can also integrate the NI CVS-1454 with the industrial measurement and control capabilities of NI Compact FieldPoint. To program the CVS-1454, you have the choice of configuring your machine vision application quickly with Vision Builder for Automated Inspection, or programming your application with LabVIEW and Vision Development Module.

  • Perceptron, Inc.

    Perceptron AutoFit systems are widely used in automobile plants worldwide, to guide a variety of robotic assembly operations in the body area, paint shop and in final assembly. These systems provide automatic compensation for variation in positioning of a vehicle, a mating sub-assembly or both.

  • PPT VISION, Inc.

    IMPACT™ 2D machine vision micro-system with Inspection Builder™ software. Demonstration includes application specific solution for Robotic Guidance.

  • Radix Controls Inc.

    iOpenVision RV3D (Robot Vision 3D) gives guidance to any industrial robot in three dimensions with a single conventional machine vision camera with an unprecedented speed of calibration and setup.


    SCHOTT Fostec, a manufacturer of Fiber Optic and LED illumination systems for Machine Vision applications, is proud to introduce our newest product, the SC-2100 LED controller. The SC2100 is the first controller to offer light feedback stabilization in addition to strobe control when used with our LED light heads. The fully programmable system requires no external software and can hold the light intensity over the life of the LED to a +/- 2% variation. In addition; all of our standard LED products have a built in thermistor, which when used with the SC2100, protects the head from over temperature situations which can result in premature failure.

  • Spectrum Illumination

    LED lights for the vision industry. High output large LED lights with tightly focused collimated optics for long working distances. Large spot lights over 5” in diameter. Long linear lights up to 46” in length. LED lights made for Robot Guidance Applications.

  • Volpi Manufacturing USA

    Volpi’s full line of fiber optic & LED illumination products including the new: modular SMD lightline, linear backlights, modular strobe, and the advanced CIS. Volpi’s high magnification and remote viewing camera lenses are also featured including the new multi-view fiber optic lens to get 1-8 images to 1 camera.


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